F1 2012 To Deliver Most Accessible and Immersive Experience Yet!

F1 2012 will be the most accessible and immersive F1 yet, Codemasters stated in an official press release announcing the yearly iteration of the franchise, set to release in September.

F1 2012 introduces Young Driver Test mode that will deliver a real-life like experience of becoming an F1 driver. You will start as a rookie, feeding on the driving-tutorials, and make your way to earn a contract from a team for the 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship.

For the first time, F1 2012 will feature US Grand Prix track in Austin, Texas. This time, F1 game will deliver the life-like racing experience, or so we have been told by creative director, Stephen Hood. I hope these new features, and gameplay mechanics help F1 2012 trump the success of F1 2011.

Excited about the game? Watch the teaser for more!