Portal 2 Puzzle Creator in Internal Beta Testing

If you’re a fan of Valve’s Portal 2 and you want to create your own levels but are stymied by the game’s complex creation tools, you’re in luck. The developer has confirmed that their user-friendly puzzle creator is in internal beta testing.

Valve, who announced the tool on the Portal 2 site last year, expects a slew of maps to made right away once the level editor becomes public. They’re even planning on doing to host all of the user created puzzles and with Steam Workshop, let the fans decide which ones they like the most.

Valve’s Chet Faliszeck  had this to say regarding Steam Workshop, “It’s not just for the modders, it’s for the players. It’s a super easy way to consume the creations of other people that are just really hard to do otherwise.”

Keep in mind there’s no release date for the level editor yet, but hopefully it will be with us soon, no?

Source: PC Gamer