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Baldur’s Gate 24-Hour Countdown Timer has Begun

We reported a couple of weeks ago that a new Baldur’s Gate might be coming out. Well, it seems the official reveal is sooner than you think, as the game’s official site is counting down now and it’s more than halfway through.

The site, which doesn’t show much aside from the familiar Baldur’s Gate skull and a timer below is slowly ticking for what could only be an official reveal to a Baldur’s Gate – unless, of course, this countdown reveals a date for when the official reveal will be made. If so, as more and more publishers have been doing this sort of tactic but it’s not something I’m particularly fond of.

Speaking of which, the timer is at 11 hours and 51 minutes as I’m writing this. Hopefully, everything will be clearer once the timer stops and we’re all treated to RPG goodness.

Source: AllGamesBeta