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Notch on Following Minecraft’s Success

Is it a problem if a game is too successful? That certainly seems to be what’s troubling Mojang boss Markus “Notch” Persson.

Speaking to Eurogamer at the recently concluded GDC, Notch voiced concerns that he might not be able to follow up on Minecraft’s success and anything he does next will be “pointless and hollow.”

It kind of feels like the level of cultural impact that Minecraft has had will be very difficult to replicate…It kind of feels like whatever I do next is never going to be as big. I’m kind of worried about everything feeling a bit pointless and hollow compared to the success of Minecraft.

Persson does admit that he hasn’t started on a project of Minecraft’s magnitude just yet, but he is currently working on a number of “tiny little hobby projects.” Notch also reveals that he hopes to start something new this Summer, but he still doesn’t know what the premise will be, adding, “I’m not sure which one. I really want to do a space game. Elite, but like… really focus on the personality of the ship. I haven’t picked which game to make but it would be cool to do that one.”

Hopefully, Notch’s next game will be a success, too…and who knows? Maybe it will be bigger than Minecraft, no?