Mass Effect 3 Anime Will Star James Vega

If you still don’t know by now, BioWare’s epic RPG Mass Effect 3 will also have its own anime movie..,and it won’t be about Commander Shepard.

During SXSW, a music, film and interactive entertainment conference held in Austin, people got the chance to see the anime in action for the first time and in the same video, FUnimation’s Justin Rojas confirms that James Vega – Commander Shepard’s squadmate in ME3 – will be the focus of the movie.

The Mass Effect anime is a joint production between FUNinmation, T.O. Entertainment and Production I.G. and is due for release later this year.

Will you be watching this or will you be pre-occupied with your third or possibly fourth playthrough of Mass Effect 3?

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Source: Daily Motion (via Kotaku)