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Glitch Causing Xbox Achievements and Gamerscore to Disappear

Xbox 360
Today Eurogamer reported that many people were facing issues with their Xbox Achievements and Gamerscores, as the users had complained that their hard-earned rewards were mysteriously being wiped out.

Though initially something Microsoft seemed to not be aware of, the folks at Eurogamer and users at forums have alerted the company of this situation. Apparently, two solutions have so far been proposed.

The first is to simply sign out and then sign in again to check. However, many users have tried this with no success.

The second solution is to delete and then recover their profiles – an obviously riskier solution. If you wish for step by step procedure to do so, it can be found here.

There is no word as to what exactly cause this glitch to occur. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the issue.

Thanks. Eurogamer