Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Ziba Tower Trailer Proves You Don’t Need Vehicles

We reported last week that Battlefield 3 will be getting three new DLC expansions within the year and now you can see the first expansion for yourself!

Courtesy of Battlefield fan-site, Battlefieldo, the clip is based on Battlefield 3’s Close Quarters expansion and it shows off the Ziba Tower map – which is confined and seems more chaotic when compared to the large maps that the game possesses.

Keep in mind that this DLC will focus primarily on infantry combat; so don’t expect any jets, tanks or other vehicles to bail you out when you’re getting your ass kicked. The expansion will showcase four new maps and a slew of new weapons and persistence for you level-up junkies.

Wait, why am I still talking? Just give the trailer a watch for yourself and stare in awe at all that destruction.

Impressive stuff, no? Let’s just hope that noob-tubes and rpgs aren’t the main weapons people use when the expansion hits this coming June.

Source: Battlefieldo