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Xbox 360 Live Arcade Gamerscore and Achievements May Increase

According to an unnamed source, the number of Xbox 360 Achievements and total Gamerscore boost that developers can offer on Xbox Live Arcade and through the related DLCs will increase greatly in number.

This yet-to-be implemented rule was stated in an report posted yesterday.

If the source is accurate – which the site has claimed it is, this new rule will go into effect from June 1st this year, with the current developers being given a choice to either work in the old or this new to-be-implemented system between April 1 and May 31st.

Xbox Live Arcade titles will be working with a total of 400 Gamerscore (currently 200) and a max of 30 Achievements (currently 20). Downloadable content for these games will now be able to offer an additional 100 Gamerscore and 8 Achievements per release, with one per quarter.

This sums up to a whopping potential of 800 Gamerscore for a Live Arcade title and a total of 62 possible Achievements.

However, take this with a pinch of salt, as it is only a rumor for now.

Source. Xbox360Achievements.Org