Retailer Outs Battlefield Evolved

It seems another retailer yet again has leaked a few games well ahead of its official announcements. MCV is reporting that a 2012 release schedule from a major “UK High Street” retailer shows that two previously unannounced games are on the docket.

From what the site can gather from the info they obtained, the games mentioned in the schedule suggest actual physical releases – in short, these aren’t low-budget mobile games of the sort.

It’s also worth noting that both games that will be mentioned below are scheduled to be out this coming Autumn.

Now that we have that out of the way, first “leaked” game on the list is Battlefield Evolved. Aside from mentioning it and knowing it will be out in the Autumn, not much info has been shared. While people might assume it will be for another Battlefield game that’s going to be out later this year, I highly doubt it.

What with EA”s own Medal of Honor Warfighter being its bet for their 2012 showdown with Activision’s Call of Duty. 

Could this be a Battlefield 3 re-release with all of the game’s expansions, DLCs in one place? Like an Ultimate Edition? Possibly, no?

The next bit of info the list reveals is that the last Christopher Nolan Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, will have an accompanying game to tie up with. Let’s just hope it’s not one of those phoned-in movie games, eh?

Keep in mind that these are all classified as rumors until confirmed by their respective publishers.

Do you think these are legit games? If so, which one are you more excited to be announced officially?

Source: MCV