Medal of Honor: Warfighter Won’t Feature Bin Laden Mission

So yeah, the upcoming Medal of Honor will be featuring the Tier 1 Operators, and the guys are being used as military advisors for the game. And yes, these guys are the ones who managed to take down the most wanted man in history, Osama bin Laden.

Well, everyone’s been eager to know whether the entire scenario will actually be featured in the game. The answer is: NO.

As reported by GamersThirst, the mission is ‘family business to the Tier 1 Operaters’, and is not Danger Close’s story to tell. Also, it seems that the developer has to work with trial and error in finding what is ok to portray and recreate in their game and what is not.

Well, even if the mission were to be featured in the game, it would probably be brief and ridiculously boring. However, I do agree that some things are just too personal to a special operations unit to be remodeled in games.

Warfighter is due for release in October for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source: VG24/7