Player Choices Will Change BioShock: Infinite Story

Just when players felt a little guilty and a little proud for some of the decisions they made in recent games, BioShock Infinite’s director Kevin Levine stated that the trend will also be featured in the upcoming first-person shooter game.

Speaking to Kotaku, Levine stated:

“I don’t wanna present it as sort of a BioWare level, radical reimagining of the universe that you can do by making story choices.”

This was obviously a clear reference to the recently released Mass Effect 3 game and its series.

Unlike in the first BioShock, this time around the protangonist Booker DeWiit and his interaction with the rather important Elizabeth take place in a somewhat Utopia that is on the critical mass level, instead of one that has already erupted on itself.

Hence because of this, DeWiit and Elizabeth will actually serve as ‘catalysts’ in the political ignition of the city of Columbia.

“You get this feeling that you’re sort of on this inevitable path to things just getting worse and worse and you’re just trying to do the right thing.”

“Not necessarily the heroic thing, but just—you’re just trying to get out of this city, protect your own skin.”

“Everything you do has deadly consequences.”

Well, can’t wait to yet again make some decisions and feel horrible about them afterwards.

Source. Kotaku