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Crytek’s F2P FPS Warface Showcases the Game’s Classes

Crytek, makers of the Crysis franchise is now gearing up to enter the burgeoning F2P market. Nope, they won’t be diving into the crowded F2P MMORPG scene, but rather, they’re entering it with a bang – pun intended.

The development studio’s latest effort gives us Warface. It’s a military F2P FPS that has mechs in it! Yes, mechs! How can this game suck, right?

If that hasn’t piqued your interest, maybe the game’s newest trailer showcasing the game’s different classes will!

Fancy, no? While the overall action might not be what you saw in the trailer, the game is looking good so far. Keep in mind that this is a Free-to-Play shooter and that makes it even more impressive.

If you fancy to give the game a go, you can sign up for the game’s alpha by signing up through the game’s official site.

Source: PC Gamer