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Sony Announces Datura

Sony has officially announced Datura. The game, which is being co-developed by Sony Santa Monica and Polish developer Plastic Studios – makers of Linger in Shadows.

The game will be a PSN exclusive and will make use of Sony’s motion-controller PS Move.

SCEE producer Jan¬†Kuczynski states that Datura is “a hard game to categorize…If you’re a fan of something ‘different’ and liked games such as Flower and Journey then I think you’ll like this one too. We don’t want to give away too much about the gameplay as it really is the type of game that you need to experience for yourself.”

The game, which will be available later this year on the PSN, will also be playable using the standard Dualshock 3 controller, but¬†Kuczynski adds that playing with the “PS Move adds an extra level of immersion.”

No other details was made available aside from the announcement. Expect more news as it develops.

Source: EuroGamer