Rumor: Actor Outs Army of Four

It seems that another game is again a victim of being leaked way before it’s official announcement. The game I’m talking about now is Army of Four – a supposed sequel to EA’s Army of Two – which was never announced by the publisher.

This time the culprit is Joe Flanigan – an actor from the sci-fi show Stargate: Atlantis. He tweeted:

Just signed on to do the new Ao4 videogame for Electronic Arts Some splinter from Battlefield. Finally, my kids think I am cool again

Flanigan, who noticed his gaff that Army of Four isn’t a spin-off of Battlefield, tweeted this to rectify what he said.

Actually, showing how distinctively uncool I am, I think I have those games mixed up. Thankgod my kids don’t read twitter

While this might not be outright confirmation of Army of Four, it’s certainly food for thought. Why on earth would EA hire an actor to for a game? And what other EA franchise does Ao4 stand for?

Source: GamesRadar