Rockstar and 2K Czech Collaborating for GTA V and Mafia 3

Word on the wire is that Mafia II developers 2K Czech has been working with Rockstar, the makers of the GTA series, on GTA V for nearly a year.

According to a report by VGA24/7, the team has been working with Rockstar to put its expertise in animations and cinematography at work to produce cut-scenes and general gameplay.

But it’s not a one-way leech; Rockstar has been sharing trade secrets with the company, and helping them in the development of Mafia III, which has been in pre-production for a while.

This is almost a certain confirmation that the game is now in full production. Take Two hopes this symbiotic maneuver will turn the Mafia series into a major franchise.

Mafia III is planning to arrive on ‘next-gen’ platforms, and though there is very little known about it, we do know that 2K was present at Microsoft’s “Durango” gathering in London last week.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Mafia III and the collaboration between 2K and Rockstar.

Source. VG24/7