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Welcome to Dota 2 – Where Epic Stuff Happens!

Dota 2
One of the most anticipated games of 2012, even in closed beta it’s becoming hard to avoid getting hooked to it. Dota already had a huge player base, and it was considered by many to be the most-played mod of all time, second only to Counter Strike.

With a genius mind like IceFrog and Valve’s backup (the company behind CS), everything points to Dota 2 becoming an even more successful game than its predecessor, not as one of the most played mods but as one of the most played games of all time!

The game is about the war between two sides, Radiant and Dire, both aided by five player-controlled heroes. The number of heroes is increasing with each update and will soon be up to a whopping 108 unique and original heroes in the pool.

Besides the huge number of possible hero choices, there are a lot of item choices that players can get to help them crush the opposite side, about half of them have a unique active skill. This opens up a whole lot of play styles and strategies, which will ensure that no game is the same.

Besides the casual gaming, Dota 2 is already one of the most observed e-sport in the world, being second only to StarCraft II.

Just yesterday, over 35,000 people tuned in order to joinDOTA to see the Grand Final of the 10.000€ tournament “The Defense” where the undefeated champions Na’Vi battled it out in a best of five series against Quantic gaming. The excitement of this whole tournament simply cannot be described by words, I suggest you see it for yourself!

Remember that Dota 2 is still in Closed Beta so it’s impossible to predict how big it will get!