Mass Effect 3 – Gay Romances Are ‘Something People Asked For’

Mass Effect 3 will definitely not be the first game to feature some heterosexual romance. It also won’t be the first game to feature lesbian homosexual romance.

But it will definitely be the first game to feature gay romance, and though many consider it a bold step because of the extensive homophobia in the gaming community, BioWare itself states that it was ‘something people have asked for’.

Speaking to the witty The Official Xbox 360  Magazine website folks, executive producer Casey Hudson stated that the move to include both male and female homosexual relationships was because this is what many asked for in feedback for the first two games.

Obviously, the positive aspect of this is that it opens up choices for players who wish to explore more romance options. Also, those who wish to actually avoid romance with certain characters have the option to, as has always been the case in the series.

Other than that, the rest is all about preventing ancient massive sentient machines from annihilating all the races in the Milky Way galaxy. Good luck with that.

Mass Effect 3 comes out in less than 24-hours for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.