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Dust 514 for Vita Will be a Companion App, PS3 Version Goes F2P

Dust 514
It looks like PS3 players can add another feather in their cap as CCP’s MMOFPS will be going free-to-play. Dust 514, which is being developed by CCP Games, will exist within EVE Online – also another CCP made game.

There was originally $10 to $20 cover charge to download the game on PSN, but now any fee has been scrapped. So players can download and play the game for free – sounds good, doesn’t it?

The game’s executive producer, Brandon Laurino, explained why they took the fees altogether.

It was a relatively confusing proposition, and we wanted to make it unambiguously that this is a free-to-play game.

While the game itself will be free, there will still be micro-transactions in the game. However, Laurino assured that “It’s very important as we take steps into this topic to unambiguously state that it is not a pay to win game.” He explains that there is no micro-transaction you can buy that will instantly give you an unfair advantage against the other non-paying players.

So, what will the micro-transactions consist of? Laurino detailed that they can be vanity goods to customize your character’s appearance, boosters that will save you time in leveling up, variants of weapons that won’t necessarily mean they’re more powerful than their counterparts and more.

Essentially, they’re making sure that the micro-transactions won’t break the game for non-paying customers. The game’s credits, which are called Aurum, will be priced from $10 to as high as $100.

In related Dust 514 news, the game’s PlayStation Vita version won’t be the same experience as its PS3 big brother. Laurino states that the Vita version will be more of a companion app to the PS3 version – at least, initially.

At the most basic level, you can do transactions on the market; equip and customise your character, your vehicles; set up strategies with your friends and Corporation members – all of these sort of companion functions on the go.

We’re also exploring all of the super fun exciting stuff – interesting gameplay opportunities and things like that. But we’re not ready to talk about that

The Vita version will be, just like the PS3 version, free-to-play.

Dust 514 still doesn’t have a solid release date but Laurino confirms that it will launch within the year. It’s now known yet if the PS Vita version will launch at the same time.

So, anyone interested in this? I know I am. It’s not everyday you get a F2P MMOFPS on consoles, no?

Source: EuroGamer