BioWare: How Fans Helped Shape Mass Effect 3

EA and BioWare’s sci-fi trilogy-ending game is almost upon us! If I breathe in heavily enough, I think I can even smell the plastic wrapping. All joking aside, the game will be out in about 2 days time for fans and it should define the series going forward.

Speaking of fans, Casey Hudson, executive producer of the Mass Effect franchise, talked exactly about that in a recent interview.

Hudson comments that he thinks that fans have been the “co-creators” of the franchise alongside BioWare – by that, he meant they gather a lot of fan feedback and run with it.

He even gives an example of how the fans influenced the franchise.

When we started the Mass Effect series, we had no way to tell how compelling our characters would be in terms of the emotions… Especially with the aliens, we didn’t know if they would be able to portray compelling human emotion.

So we didn’t build the love interests into some of the alien characters like Garrus… He has the exoskeleton face and stuff like that. But because a character like Garrus just has great voice acting and animation, and a personality that’s really well-written, a lot of people wanted romances with him and with some of the other alien characters. So we decided to try that with Mass Effect 2 and that was very successful.

They’re some of the most popular romances, people love those characters. That was a surprise to us, but we kind of had to finish Mass Effectone and then listen to some feedback before we tried incorporating that.

Interesting stuff, no? It’s astounding how much fan influence have these days. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Source: VentureBeat