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Notch Gives Away Dividends From Minecraft to Employees

It seems Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson is one classy dude…just how classy? Well, instead of taking all the money from the dividends he earned from the sales of Minecraft, he chose to distribute the $3 million to all the employees of Mojang who helped create the game – now that’s class, no?!

Mojang has 25 employees and divide that by $3 million and well, you get a lot of wealthy developers doing what they love. Just for clarification, Notch didn’t have to share any of  the $3 million. I’m guessing doing this will make him quite popular among his employees, no?

Minecraft has already earned $100 million in revenue since its launch last year; and with the game being released for other platforms soon, that figure can only go up.

Source: Gameranx