Mass Effect 3 Organizations Guide

In Mass Effect 3 there are many organizations that can be found across the galaxy. Some of these groups are rogue or ‘gangs’, while others are official organizations with a formal background.

The following are the relatively more known organizations in the world of Mass Effect, and will also make an appearance in the 3rd game:

  • Blood Pack
  • Blue Suns
  • Cerberus
  • C-Sec
  • Eclipse

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Blood Pack
The Blood Pack is a group of vicious and deadly mercenaries, mainly consisting of Krogans and the Vorcha. The Krogans maintain dominance in this group, while the Vorcha are trained harshly by them. The Vorcha have bodies with brilliant adaptability, and hence are ideal as the ‘pawns’ of the pack.

The Blood Pack are daredevils, to say the least, and as mercenaries take some of the most dangerous and potentially fatal jobs out of all, which makes them iconic and well known in the galaxy.

Blue Suns
Originally founded by Zaeed Massani and Vido Santiago, the Blue Suns are a set of elite mercenaries with some of the most powerful and dangerous trained personnel in the galaxy. In fact, they were so powerful that they even had Jack, the unusually powerful human Biotic convict.

The Blue Suns leader was originally Zaeed Massani, but was betrayed by Santiago when he attempted to kill Massani.

The Blue Suns consist of Humans, Turians and Batarians. Each individual bears a tattoo of a blue sun on some part of their body, which they only remove if going on an extremely essential mission.

The notorious paramilitary group called Cerberus is a powerful and financial very strong organization led by the mysterious Illusive Man.

Cerberus is known for its extremist ideology or humanism, and has a belief system that humanity deserves a much greater role and status in the galaxy, and that the System Alliance is too mainstream and strung up in the chains of law and order to actually attain that status.

This is why Cerberus uses every and any method possible to benefit humanity, be it galactically immoral or against the formal laws. That is why Cerberus is viewed negatively, both by non-Cerberus humans and other galactic races.

The Cerberus organization is heavily funded by certain Alliance sympathizers and other massive corporations that merely are a front of the mother organization itself. Because of the immensely stable and strong financial status, Cerberus has the economic power to carry out theoretically any operation they desire.

In Mass Effect 3 there is heavy indication that Shepard and Cerberus have become enemies again, regardless of the choices in Mass Effect 2.

C-Sec, short for Citadel Security Services, is the main police force of the Citadel, the governing space station of the galaxy. C-Sec consists entirely of volunteer employees who work as the investigation, policing and patrolling force in the Citadel.

The C-Sec was originally founded by Turians, and comprised mainly of Turian employees. However, ever since the incidents of Mass Effect 1, Humans have become more abundant due to the incompetent investigations of Saren’s doings by the Turians in the first game.

The Eclipse is a mercenary group who do any kind of work, provided they are paid well enough for it. They comprise mainly of Asari, Humans and Salarians. The Eclipse is technologically better equipped as compared to some of the other mercenary groups, having many Vanguards, Biotics and Mechs/Turrets which they often use in their jobs.

The Eclipse is generally brutal and merciless in their operations, yet being extremely professional. They are well-known for their recruitment criteria, in which the potential recruit has to kill someone before they can join the group. This is particularly prominent in Ilium, though it is not commonly seen elsewhere.