Gravity Rush Rare Nevi Locations Guide

There are three trophies that you can unlock by defeating Rare Nevi in Rift Planes in Gravity Rush, but first, you need to find them.

Rare Nevi can be found in Rift Planes in The Ruins, The Inferno and The Mirage. You can follow our basic strategy to defeat them to unlock these trophies:

  1. Ancient Game Hunter
  2. Burning Game Hunter
  3. Illusory Game Hunter

Rare Nevi – Rift Planes: The Ruins (Ancient Game Hunter)
Location. When you come across a huge ruin after the second flower, fly to the very bottom, and you should see an entrance in the floor. Enter to activate this encounter.

Fight. It’s an easy fight. Take the fight up-close to stop its missile attacks while dodging its physical attacks with a quick flick on the touch screen. What Special Attacks? They have no effect on this Nevi.

Rare Nevi – Rift Planes: The Inferno (Burning Game Hunter)
Location. After the second floor from the huge open area, float down to an opening with a wooden border. Enter to activate the second rare Nevi.

Fight. It’s one of many challenging fights in Gravity Rush. While floating use your flying kick to break away the Nevi’s orbs. Keep in mind the two basic attacks this Nevi will use – 1) Black swirl of energy in close-combat, 2) It will try to punch you if you are in range, and a successful hit deals a lot of damage.

Your strategy should be to lure Nevi to punch you, when he tries, air-kick him. Rinse and repeat. If you are low on health, go back to the previous flower to replenish your health with some health orbs.

There are health orbs on the roof of the houses you come across when you return through the fire tunnel and if even those aren’t sufficient, use the next fire tunnel to find more health orbs near the start.

Rare Nevi – Rift Planes: The Mirage (Illusory Game Hunter)
Location. Go far right between the second and third flower and you should come across a floating ball. Fly over and it should spawn this rare Nevi.

Fight. It’s another relatively easy fight. Simply keep moving and try to hit its 6 orbs on its back, using your flying kick. You will be flying in entire fight. If you go low on health, fly away to replenish your health from the energy orbs scattered around you. Rinse and repeat.