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Rumor: PlayStation 4 Won’t be Using the Cell Processor

While the next-generation of consoles haven’t been announced, that’s not stopping industry snoops and “sources” from babbling about what they know about it to various people. Well, lucky for us since we get to gobble up every next-gen rumor and leaks so we can speculate on what the next-gen systems will be bringing on the table.

Now up on the rumor docket is that PlayStation 4 won’t be using Sony’s Cell processor. What this means is that the PS4 won’t be following the PS3’s footsteps when it comes to chipset configuration.

The Cell processor, which was the project of former PlayStation boss Ken Kutaragi, aimed to be included in various Sony products, which in turn, would link to each other to increase the computational power driving these devices. Sadly, that hasn’t happened and most likely never will.

In its stead was the fact that a lot of developers struggled with the Cell and its architecture – and in turn, made the PS3 ports the “weak” ones in comparison to the Xbox 360.

What will replace the Cell? Well, if rumors are true, then it might just be that chip-maker AMD will be the ones doing the heavy lifting for Sony’s next horse in the next-gen race.

Keep in mind that these are all rumors, and should be treated as such for the time being.

Source: Kotaku