Hitman: Absolution – How Things Are Progressing

Hitman Absolution; they’re calling it the biggest Hitman game to date, and with IO interactive has shown us of the game, we can say it definitely seems to be the case.

Absolution seems to take everything that Hitman was known (positively) for, and integrates it in its gameplay, while adding new features that really are key identifications of a great game.

There’ll be lots of good old stealth, sneaking, guns with suppressors, and plenty of ruthless killings; you name it, it has it. But there will also be elements that really set it apart from the older games in the franchise.

For starters, the story will be an essential part of the games, and will be integrated into the gameplay in such a manner that it doesn’t compromise the essential methods of play that the franchise is so well known for.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, there’s plenty more that Agent 47 has to offer – more sets of moves and abilities, better skills and handling, and a generally better suited style for being the mostly deadly assassin alive.

Because of his increased versatility, the game will give you the option of playing it your way, whether you like it the professional assassin stealth style, or prefer more action and in-your face killing.

The engine running is also entirely new, build specifically for this game. The engine, called Glacier 2, has been written from scratch, and each and every thing has been made custom for the game.

It’s sounding good, and we’re really hoping that it will deliver, as there are still many Hitman fans out there, just aching to strangle or stab someone from the back. We still don’t have a formal release date yet for the game, though we know it is coming out sometime this year.

For more about how things are going behind-the-scenes, and the awesome ‘work place’ the IO Interactive folks are spending their days in, have a look at the video below: