Mass Effect 3 Vault Console Armour DLC Details

Who wants to have Shepard’s N-7 armor as your console’s casing? I am among those who will say; I do. If casing, however, isn’t something, you are looking forward to, there is additional content you will be receiving through the DLC like randomly selected upgrade packs that everyone can buy in the game’s co-op mode.

The content will be unique to everyone considering the fact that the items will be offered on the random basis. The full Vault package offers the following:

  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Included DLC code for “bonus items in ME3′s multiplayer experience”
  • Exclusive Mass Effect 3 Armor Design
  • Two mode LED Light Up N7 Logo
  • Commander Shepard textured chest piece
  • Mass Effect 3 code for bonus Multiplayer items.
  • Battery Powered Lighting Effects
  • Includes Headset / Controller Cradle
  • Compatible with all Calibur11 Vault Accessories
  • Does Not Void Your Console Warranty

Mass Effect 3 fever is just around the corner, and I think that many fans out, there would not hesitate to spend the amount ($89.99)?