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Mass Effect 3 Trailers that Will Make You Want the Game More

As if people need more reason to get excited for BioWare’s Mass Effect 3. Now we get to see two new clips from the game courtesy of IGN.

The two new video clips show different facets of the game. One is an in-depth look at Commander Shepard’s ship the Normandy, while the other one shows us how to hijack an Atlas – and yes, there is an achievement/trophy for it.

While the Normandy clip doesn’t show us anything groundbreaking, we do get to see the new interface which looks to be streamlined to be more user-friendly.

We also get to see how weapons get modified. Speaking of weapons, BioWare wisely integrated what the shop sells in one of the ship’s terminals.

By that, I mean you can now see what each shop has for sale once you’ve browsed that particular shop beforehand. So there’s no need to go to each shop to check what you have or haven’t bought.

The clip is four minutes long, so be prepared to see a lot of walking.

Next up, this video shows you  how to hijack an Atlas Mech. The player is using an Infiltrator class and he seems to make quick work of it.

I honestly can’t believe we’re about six days away from the game’s release and watching these videos make me salivate even more.

Have you tried the demo? If so, what class are you planning on using? Why not give our guides a read to find out which class is the best fit for you?

Source: IGN