Game of Thrones MMO to be Shown Off at GDC

If you haven’t read or watched HBO’s excellent TV series Game of Thrones, you’re missing out…a lot! The  medieval fantasy series has been a huge hit for the network and it seems the franchise is also out to conquer the MMO market, too.

Bigpoint, in partnership with HBO, will be unveiling the A Game of Thrones MMO browser game during the Game Developers Conference (GDC), which will be taking place next week. The studio’s founder, Heiko Hubertz, had this to say:

With a rich and complex story, expressed through an amazing level of detail, it’s easy to see why the HBO series … has amassed an army of fans worldwide. 

We intend to build a game that resonates intimately with its diehard community of followers, while also creating an authentic gaming experience that attracts newcomers to the franchise.

The excitement of online games is that, over time, their collective input will help shape the game’s destiny; we’re eager to see how the story unfolds

The game, which is being co-developed by Artplant, will be developed using the Unity development platform and a closed beta test for the MMO will happen in the Fall.

The hit TV series is, of course, based off George R. R. Martin’s book series of the same name.

So, anyone chomping at the bit to play this one? I know I’ll definitely give it a look just by its license involvement alone.