Official Clan ‘Ladder System’ Coming To Dota 2?

Would you be excited if I say that Valve is planning to introduce team/clan system in DoTA 2? Being a hardcore gamer, it can’t get better than this as DoTA 2 has a huge community eagerly waiting for an official platform to show off their skills.

Although the official ranking system (or something similar) hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the following code strings spotted by Cybrogmatt tell that sooner or later, it is likely to happen:

“DOTA_Community_ViewPersona” “View Persona”
“DOTA_Community_EditPersona” “Edit Persona”
“DOTA_Community_CreateTeam” “Create Team”
“DOTA_Community_ManageTeam” “Manage Team”

“team_label” “Your team”
“team_name” “%1”
“team_players_online” “%2 of %3 currently online”
“DOTA_TeamInvite_Success_Header” “Team Invite Sent”
“DOTA_TeamInvite_Success_Message” “Invited %s1 to join %s2.”
“DOTA_TeamInvite_Error_Header” “Can’t Invite to Team”
“DOTA_TeamInvite_Error_MemberLimit” “%s1 has reached the maximum number of members.”
“DOTA_TeamInvite_Error_NotAvailable” “%s1 is not currently running Dota 2.”
“DOTA_TeamInvite_Error_OnATeam” “%s1 is already on a team.”
“DOTA_TeamInvite_Error_Busy” “%s1 is busy with another team invitation. Try again later.”

Would you like to see some sort of official ladder system that will enrage the competition throughout the Dota 2 communities, or it’s just a trivial matter for you? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: RTSGuru