Microsoft – Halo 4 Release Date Leaked by Video is Fake

Just yesterday, the internets was ablaze when a purported video of Halo 4 got leaked and it revealed the game’s release date well ahead of its official announcement.

Well, as it turns out, that video was indeed a fake. The trailer, which states that Halo 4’s release date is later this year in November, has officially been debunked by Microsoft.

This is actually a fake,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “We haven’t officially announced the release date yet but stay tuned.

To be honest, the video (which can be seen here) is obviously a little fishy in itself. While I don’t doubt that Halo 4 will be out later this year most likely in the fourth quarter, it won’t be on the 21st. For that news, let’s wait until a real leak happens or when Microsoft officially releases it.

Source: Game Informer