I Am Alive Dev Diary Discusses the Game’s Mechanics

Ubisoft’s I Am Alive is finally nearing release and now a new developer diary has been released by the publisher.

In the video embedded below, the developers talk about how the game differs from other survival games. It shows off dilapidated structures, broken railways and other things that say “we’ve been hit by the apocalypse.” One interesting aspect they showed off was how players can “bluff” using their gun.

One good example would be is if you only had one bullet and five enemies, what would you do? Well, you can shoot one of the guys and point the gun at his comrades and try and “bluff” your way out…interesting, no?

The game seems to be very ambitious; from its setting, gameplay mechanics and even scope…let’s just hope it pans out.

I Am Alive will be coming out on the PSN, Xbox LIVE and PC in the first week of March.