Canceled Batman Game Now has a Video

We all know that Rocksteady’s Batman games are now widely-considered to be the best superhero games…maybe ever; but before they got all that accolades and whatnot, there was another Batman game in development and now we have a video of that canceled project.

Gotham by Gaslight was a Batman game being worked on by Day 1 Studios. They wanted to make a Batman game that was based on a Batman graphic novel called Gotham by Gaslight. The setting of the game (same as in the comic) was set in the 19th century and Batman was not going up against The Joker or Mr. Freeze or any of the famous villains in his rogues gallery – instead, the Bat was going after the famous serial murderer Jack the Ripper.

The video, which has been obtained by SiliconEra from a source they have at Day 1 Studios, shows off the Batman running in 19th century London.

Also, before you pine and wish this game was released, keep in mind there was a reason the game got canned in the first place…most likely its quality was not up to snuff, no?

Source: SiliconEra