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BioWare Discusses Mass Effect 3’s Ending & MMO Possibilities

Mass Effect 3 is almost upon us and the game’s third chapter has been repeatedly said to be Commander Shepard’s final voyage; but that doesn’t mean the Mass Effect series itself will end. On the contrary, BioWare co-founders Greg Zeschuk  and Ray Muzyka talk about where the series is heading now that ME3 will be in gamers’ hands soon.

In a sit down interview with Penny Arcade, the BioWare doctors revealed a few things about the franchise, and the game’s ending.

The team has been planning for this for years, since the beginning of the Mass Effect franchise. Largely the same team, most of the same leads have worked on this for years and years. They’ve thought about [the ending] for years and years. It’s not something they’ve had to solve in a week or a month even, but over the course of five or ten years.

Of course, there’s this other game that BioWare has, y’know, that MMO one. It’s hard to talk about Mass Effect 3‘s future without going to the MMO discussion.

The interesting thing, the implication of a Mass Effect MMO has so many expectations. We already bit off a big thing to chew with a Star Wars MMO, and that’s not so small.

However, they do admit that it “would lend itself to a different type of game play. It’s fun to think about.”

Interesting answers, no? I think it would be safe to say that Mass Effect 3 will NOT be the end of the franchise. It might be Commander Shepard’s final game, but I doubt EA will let something as big as Mass Effect lie dormant for years on end.

Source: Penny Arcade