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Mass Effect 3’s Live Action ‘Fight’ Trailer is Here

Yes, we’re about a week away fromMass Effect 3’s release and that means the game’s marketing is now officially going into hyper-drive. This time, EA has released a new trailer for the game that, while doesn’t show any gameplay, is as equally gripping – if not more -than its other trailer counterparts.

Keep in mind that the footage you see below is NOT in-game (as if saying “live action” in the headline wasn’t enough) but that doesn’t dampen the game’s emotional impact – if any, it even kicks it up a notch – what with seeing real people getting ravaged by Reapers.

So, does that make you want to “take Earth back,” or what? You’ll get the chance to do so on March 6 when Mass Effect 3 is released for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: NeoGaf