Mass Effect 3’s First Review Claims its Best Yet, Details Aplenty

Mass Effect 3’s first review is in and surprise, surprise! The game is good. Well, at least according to German magazine Gamestar. They’re calling the third iteration of the series as “the most compelling experience in the franchise yet.”

There are a ton of details outed by the magazine but they do delve into spoiler territory. So, if you want to play the game completely fresh, I suggest not reading any of it too much.

  • 15-20 hour-long main quest
  • Around 40 hours playtime in total- side missions are vital to amass enough opposition to the Reaper threat
  • 90 minutes of cutscenes
  • No loose ends or cliffhangers, the game is truly an appropriate end to the trilogy with a very intense and touching finale
  • More than 100 scenes, conversations and/or events change depending on our choices after importing a save-game from ME2- from something small like someone thanking us for completing a mission to bigger repercussions which would be to spoilerous to write down- you are definitely going to feel the consequences, and not always like them
  • If and how many of these quests we complete influences how the game ends, and who- individually and globally- survives
  • While the game can be enjoyable for newcomers as well, because the game is strong on its own mechanically and story-wise, it is recommended to play the first two entries to make more sense out of the wealth of information that the game builds on
  • There’s an interesting sequence after the end credits

To read the full list of bullet points, click here.

If you were wondering what the magazine gave the game, sadly, they don’t give out numbered scores. But they do summarize that “In summary, the game builds on the strengths of ME2 and takes some notes from ME1 to create the most compelling experience in the franchise yet.”

Mass Effect 3 will be out this coming March 6, but in the meantime, you can download the game’s single-player and multiplayer demo off of the PSN, Xbox LIVE and PC. Also, don’t forget to give our multiplayer guide a read.