Skyrim Magic Scrolls Guide

Scrolls in Skyrim, let you have some extra magical abilities which you cannot obtain from the standard spells. These are more powerful, and their affecting radius is larger. They are located in dungeons, and some may be purchased from the vendors.

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Scroll of Bane of the Undead
Sets the undead on fire and makes them flee for 30 seconds, ones up to level 37.

Scroll of Blizzard
The victims will take stamina damage and 20 points of frost damage for 10 seconds.

Scroll of Call to Arms
Improved combat skills, health and stamina for 10 min.

Scroll of Cure Wounds
The caster will be healed by 100 points.

Scroll of Dread Zombie
A body will fight for your side, 60 seconds.

Scroll of Fireball
A fire-explosion with-in 15 feet, does a damage of 50 points. The targets who are caught in the fire will take more damage.

Scroll of Fire Storm
A 75 point explosion which is centered on the caster, it will result in more damage to the targets.

Scroll of Hysteria
People and the creatures of level 12 and below will flee from the combat for a minute.

Scroll of Mayhem
People and the creatures of level 12 and below will attack everybody nearby for a minute.

Scroll of Mass Paralysis
The targets in the nearby area will be paralyzed.