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Second Big Patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic Adds New Animations

BioWare has just posted a few neat details in its weekly Q & A for Star Wars: The Old Republic. They talk about some of the things the game’s second patch will and and will not include.

The team over at BioWare was asked “Can we expect to see any animation/damage timing consistency changes between factions?”

Georg Zoeller (Principal Lead Combat Designer):¬†Yes. The animation team has been working on a new set of animations for abilities like the Trooper’s Mortar Volley to provide closer matching of animation timings and improved combat responsiveness. We expect to roll these changes out with Game Update 1.2.

The feature also talks about how the developers don’t think that quick travelling to your ship is neccessary – though they have discussed this scenario on and off.

To read the full Q & A, click here.

Source: VG247