Kingdoms of Amalur Salvaging Guide

You can salvage equipment in Kingdoms of Amalur if they’re no longer of any use, salvaging is mostly random so you will have to count on your luck.

Be patient as the process takes a lot of time if you don’t get what you worked for. If you are still unsure about it, continue reading for starter tips.

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Inspect Item’s Worth
You can inspect your items, for example: weapons have a basic damage rating; some have bonuses (piercing hit, etc.) The items which have the bonuses will have extra slots and abilities attached to them.

Gem Sockets
The gem sockets are NOT considered as “special bonuses” when you’re crafting as you can already use a gem for the crafting.

Salvaging Results In Lesser Items
The number of salvaged items is always less than what you used to make them; you can use a maximum of five items.

Salvaging Gems, Destroys Them
When you use a gem in the process, it’s considered to be destroyed and will not return to you.

Save & Load
This is the most important part. Many of you may already use this trick, but many would not. Save your game before you’re going to salvage your items (manually). This way, you can always load the game with your items and try again. Ifit’s fruitful, SAVE!

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