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Kingdoms of Amalur Lockpicking and Dispelling Guide

There are two mini-games in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. These two mini-games are Lockpicking and Dispelling.

Lockpicking in Kingdoms of Amalur is easier compared to Skyrim, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty as long as you don’t run out of lockpicks. Dispelling, on the other hand, is a bit tricky and will require practice.

Depending on your Skill and Character Level, you can automatically try to pick a lock or dispel a chest. Success rate would be subjected to your skill level. Following are some general tips you can follow to start picking locks and dispelling wards.

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Lockpicking is used to pick a lock (open locked chests/doors). As you progress, your level will increase and the act “lockpicking” will become easier. The lockpicks are used to pick a lock, if you break the lockpick (unsuccessful) try, then you will have to get the lockpick repaired. Lockpicking is all about patience.

Don’t turn the lockpick in a hurry, and make sure that you’ve more than one as if you’ll run out of lockpicks you won’t be able to try again unless you’ve got it repaired. When the rotation of the lockpick slows down, or it vibrates then you’re doing it wrong, turn other ways and try your luck again.

Some of the wards are protected by different spells. Unlike lockpicking, you need fast reflexes and quick actions. A higher skill-level may give you an extra dialogue option in some of the quests.

The task is simple; you will have to tap the button which is shown at the ward’s sigil. Whenever you dispel a sigil, it will trigger an alarm which detonates the ward if you do not dispel all the sigils in time.

You can try to dispel the sigils as many times as you wish, but with-in the time limit. The Dark Sigils may cast a spell onto your character when they’re exploded.

Note: Manually dispelling and lockpicking will earn you more experience points.