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Gotham City Impostors Character Customization Guide

One of the applaud-able features of Gotham City Impostors is ‘Character Customization’. Each character of the team can be highly customized; the bats fight for Batman and Jokers/Clowns for the Joker.

You can edit/change the body, face, voice, mascot and the clothes. If you are stuck with all the options, you have, our character customization guide should get you started.

If you are looking for help on loadouts, you can read our Character Builds Guide.

Character Customization Overview

Body Type (Weight/Build)
The overall weight or the build of your player can be changed. It changes the way you look, but it also changes the attributes.

A strong/fat character will be slower than a lighter one but the heavy one will have more health. The heavy ones are stronger as well; their melee attacks result in more damage so you will have to choose what suits you.

Well, customizing the face does not affect your game-play or the attributes, but it does give you a unique look. You can customize the different aspects of your faces: chops, breach, handlebars.

The voice of your character can be changed too; the other characters/players will hear his voice as you have chosen it to be. The pitch is adjustable as well.

Both sides have their own set of costumes from where you can select the clothes. The costumes (shirts, shoes, pants, logos, hair, makeup, capes) can be bought from the Secret Identity tab, and for that you need Costume Coins.

Mascots are unlocked after you have earned enough XP, but you can also buy them from the Black Market.

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