Binary Domain Security-Com Locations Guide

To unlock Data Retrieval achievement or trophy in Binary Domain, you need to collect all Security-COMs scattered throughout the campaign.

They look like little hologram note pads, and once you collect them; they are automatically saved and will not appear in your next play-through.

It’s a cumulative achievement or trophy; you can select any chapter to play and pick up the remaining Security-COMs You can check your progress by going to the chapter select menu.

It will show you how many you still have to collect in a specific chapter and also within that chapter which act you need to play again to collect certain Security-COM.

Binary Domain Security-Com Locations Videos

There are 40 Security-COMS in Binary Domain and these videos will walk you through the location of each Security-Com:

Chapter #1

Chapter #2

Chapter #3

Chapter #4

Chapter #5

Chapter #6

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