The Amazing Spider-Man Release Date Announced – Has Rhino as a Villain

The Spider-Man movie reboot will be showing up in theaters this coming July and you know what that means! Yes, game tie-ins! This time, development duties is being handled by the folks over at Beenox and it will still be published by Activision.

The game, which will be out a week earlier than the movie, will showcase Spider-Man staple villain Rhino. Rhino won’t actually be in the movie itself, but I guess that’s one of those “creative licenses” that most people talk about when it comes to these things. I’m going to stop yapping and let you see the trailer for yourself.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be out this June 26 and will come out for every conceivable gaming device availabe – the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, 3DS.

Source: IGN