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Sony: Anti-Piracy Was Front and Center in PS Vita’s Development

If you’ve ever owned a PSP, chances are you or someone you know has used its custom firmware – be it for genuine homebrew applications or something far more sinister. Sony seems to acknowledge this; so much so that it was “front and center” when they were developing the PSP’s successor.

What that means is the games medium the PlayStation Vita employs now was made in part to combat piracy. Allow Sony’s SVP of worldwide studios Scott Rohde to explain.

That was front and center in the early specs of this machine.¬†We needed to have something that would combat piracy from day one, and that’s why the cards that you can purchase for the games are in their own proprietary format.

It’s something that we felt was completely necessary to make sure that people could not pirate these games. I mean, it’s a custom security solution on each one of these cartridges. That is something that we are confident will protect us from piracy for the long term.

To be honest, I give the Vita a year before it’s broken open for “homebrewers.” In this day and age, I suspect nothing is protected from piracy.

Source: Gamasutra