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Rumor: Blizzard Working on F2P Game

Blizzard is soon to enter the crowded free-to-play (F2P) gaming sector if a recent report from Develop is to be believed.

The report claims that Develop has a source connected to it that states the upcoming game will include both free and paid subscription models.

If true, this could lend traction to rumors that Blizzard is working on “Project Titan,” a supposedly new online game. Of course, it’s now known whether Project Titan will be the company’s F2P game.

It’s worth noting that Blizzard owns and operates the world’s most successful MMORPG to date, World of Warcraft. The game’s subscription base has seen a rather significant decline over the years.

Might this be Blizzard’s answer to that? World of Warcraft, of course, offers new players to play for free until they reach level 20.

Would you be interested to see a F2P MMO made by Blizzard? If so, would you rather it be a new IP or be a familiar face within their stable of franchises?

Source: Develop