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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Gets a PC Release Date

Capcom’s other Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, is nearing its release on consoles, which is on March 20 – but that doesn’t mean the PC version is getting left behind. Well, to be honest, it is – but at least we now know when it’s due out.

The PC version of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City will be coming out on May 18, almost a full two months after its console brethren. It will also support NVIDIA 3D support and all the features the console version has – except being released at the same time, that is.

To whet your appetite even further, Capcom has also released a brand new trailer for the game — complete with head-stompin’ zombie action!

Again, the console versions will be out this March 20 and the PC version will follow on May 18.