Arma 3 to Have “Community Alpha,” Game Gets Delayed

If you’re a PC gamer who’s also an FPS fan, chances are you’ve played Bohemia Interactive’s ArmA franchise. The game, rooted in authenticity and realism rather than flash and killstreaks, has a very loyal fanbase.

Now, it looks like Bohemia has outlined its ArmA 3 plans in 2012 and part of that is getting early feedback from fans to assure that the game runs smoothly. Nope, it’s not a beta, but rather, a “Community Alpha.” The alpha will be released sometime after this year’s E3 which will take place in June.

The development team expects to have an official announcement regarding the game’s alpha at a later date, but they expect to have it running a month or so after E3 and in rather good news, it seems the alpha won’t just be handpicked players – the team expects the testers to number in the thousands!

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s some bad news. The game will be getting a delay further than 2012’s holiday season.

Yes, we’ve pushed back our full release, which originally stood as Summer 2012. Although, with the Community Alpha, many people will still get to enjoy their first experience with a playable build of Arma 3 very soon.

This iterative model of development—sharing a public preview build—is becoming more and more widespread on the indie scene. Arma 3 is a big game. It’s packed with a lot of complex new features.

This Community Preview enables us, as a relatively small team, to spend more time polishing and improving it ahead of a full, retail launch. Take On Helicopters was a step in the right direction, but, we can always do more to improve day one stability.

To read the interview and gawk at a plethora of the game’s screenshots, click here.

Anyone excited for the game’s alpha? It should tide players over till the game gets released at retail, no?

Source: PCGamer