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Mass Effect 3 Space Launch Info

We reported earlier last week that copies of Mass Effect 3 will be going into space, now the details of that promotion has also been revealed.

The press release states:

EA and BioWare will be making history by launching the first copies of Mass Effect 3 into outer space! Copies are scheduled to land in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and cities in Europe, giving gamers the opportunity to track and collect these limited early copies as they touch back down on Earth.

The first initial two launches will happen tomorrow in San Francisco and it will continue until February 29, when the final copies will be sent into space from Berlin.

Curious people can go to Mass Effect’s official site to track the game’s geographical progress and the first people to find a copy when the balloon drops down to Earth will get their own copy of the game.

Anyone up for this? It’s certainly a new take on promoting a game, no?