BioWare Attempts To Defend Mass Effect 3 DLC

Bioware has surprised everybody by declaring that a DLC for Mass Effect 3 will be available on day 1 of release. This has led to heavy criticism, with questions being raised as to why it wasn’t included in the full game if it is available on the first day.

However, the company has attempted to defend itself, as the game’s executive producer Casey Hudson stated on Twitter that From Ashes DLC pack was put together once the main game was finished at the start of the year.

It takes about 3 months from “content complete” to bug-fix, certify, manufacture, and ship game discs.

Apart from Hudson, producer Mike Gamble has opened a thread on the Bioware forums defending the fact that this DLC has a price. He has also mentioned that the DLC includes a key Prothean squad-mate – a big reveal that has made many upset, and because of which the obvious responses in the thread are negative.

Well, I can’t see this in any way other than a shameless money-earning strategy. The From Ashes DLC pack costs $10 and only offers an additional character with a racial background that is central to the storyline.

The price is obviously a tad too much for an offer that really should have been a part of the full game. Regardless of which way you look at it, there is no justification for the given value of this DLC pack.

We’re hoping that the release of Mass Effect 3 itself is less eventful and misleading as this DLC pack. The game comes out on March 6 in US and on March 9 internationally.