SWTOR Romance Guide – How To Find A Perfect Companion

Whether it’s your real life or a world full of magical figures, Romance is one thing that seems inevitable. Most of the RPG games these days, pleaded to provide the real-time experience do have romance in different forms.

Bioware of course, could not have dropped this feature as Star Wars: The Old Republic has a fairly deep romance system. Now before we move to the benefits of being in a relationship in SWTOR, there are certain things (limitations) you should be aware of.

Romance, by no means is the altered term of sex here. It’s just a way to win the affection of one of your companions or any other related character in the Star Wars universe.

For the time being, the romance options are limited to your class and gender, but Bioware plans to diversify the concept in the future.

There are different ways to win your partner/companion’s affection. The overall affection rating will be the indicator of how well; you are getting along with the other character.

The best way to improve the affection rating is by offering some gifts and the better dialogue selection. Mutual interests naturally, will be beneficial for you.

The affection rating for each character can vary (3000+ usually), and you have to get to the certain level (25+ at least) before you are engaged into any bona fide relation. Once you have these raw requirements for romance, you can utilize the flirt options that pop-up during the talk sessions.

Now that you have got the romance going, what good it is? Well, apart from your inner satisfaction, there are other benefits too like you can receive valuable gifts from your partners and the ones chosen for romance will be more effective in crafting and other crew skills.

These benefits I think are sufficient to motivate you go for a relationship in the game. If you are confused that whom can you romance with, then the following list can be useful for you:


Bounty Hunter

  1. Mako (Healer) – Starter Companion on Planet Hutta
  2. Gault Rennow (Range DPS) – Planet Tatooine
  3. Torian Cadera (Melee DPS) – Planet Taris
  4. Blizz (Range Tank) – Planet Hoth
  5. Skadge (Melee Tank) – Planet Belsavis

Imperial Agent

  1. Kaliyo Djannis (Melee Tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Hutta
  2. Vector Hyllis (Melee DPS) – Planet Alderaan
  3. Doctor Lokin (Range Tank) – Planet Taris
  4. Ensign Raina Temple (Healer) – Planet Quesh
  5. Scorpio (Range DPS) – Planet Belsavis

Sith Inquisitor

  1. Khem Val (Melee Tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Korriban
  2. Andronikus Revel (Range DPS) – Planet Tatooine
  3. Ashara Zavros (Melee DPS) – Planet Taris
  4. Lt. Talos Drelik (Healer) – Planet Hoth
  5. Xalek (Range Tank) – Planet Korriban

Sith Warrior

  1. Vette (Range DPS) – Starter Companion on planet Korriban
  2. Malavi Quinn (Healer) – Planet Balmora
  3. Jaesa Willsam (Melee DPS) – Hutta
  4. Lt. Pierce (Range Tank) – Planet Taris
  5. Broonmark (Melee Tank) – Planet Hoth


Jedi Consular

  1. Qyzen Fess (Melee tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Tython
  2. Theran Cedrex (Healer) – Planet Nar Shaddaa
  3. Zenith (Range DPS) – Planet Balmora
  4. Lt. Iresso (Range Tank) – Planet Hoth
  5. Nadia Grill (Melee DPS) – Planet Belsavis

Jedi Knight

  1. T7-01 (Melee Tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Tython
  2. Kira Carsen (Melee DPS) – Planet Coruscant
  3. Doc (Healer) – Planet Balmora
  4. Sgt. Rusk (Range DPS) – Planet Hoth
  5. Lord Scourge (Range Tank) – Planet Hoth – Imperial Palace


  1. Corso Riggs (Range Tank) – Starter Companion on Ord Mantell
  2. Bowdaar (Melee Tank) – Planet Nar Shaddaa
  3. Akavi Spaar (Melee DPS) – Planet Balmora
  4. Risha (Range DPS) – Planet Alderaan
  5. Guss Tuno (Healer) – Planet Hoth


  1. Aric Jorgan (Range DPS) – Starter Companion on Ord Mantell
  2. Elara Dorne (Healer) – Planet Taris
  3. M1-4X (Range Tank) – Planet Nar Shaddaa
  4. Tanno Vik (Melee Tank) – Planet Balmora
  5. Sgt. Yuun (Melee DPS) – Planet Hoth

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