SWTOR Boss Strategy Guide

World Bosses aren’t the enemies that you will face too often in SWTOR but when you do, you should prepare yourself for a big hectic fight. Since bringing down a world boss is a challenging task, you will get plenty of bonuses in reward.

Once a boss is taken down by a party, the boss will re-spawn after almost two hours so that other groups of players can try their luck. You may encounter the following world bosses in SWOTR:

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The First

It will be available to the Empire players only and can be found Dromund Kaas (Malignant Bog area). The minimum criterion to participate in this raid is 18+.

You should be wary of the enraged state of this boss or when his health level drops below 20%, because at this point, the damage it deals is increased many folds. You can’t rely on the companions in this battle as the fear effect will render them useless.

Loot Rewards

  • AI Relay Device
  • Droid-brain Implant
  • Advanced Reflex Barrel 5
  • Advanced Patron Armoring 5
  • Advanced Orange Resolution Crystal
  • Advanced Guardian Hilt 5


It can be found in Coruscan (near Old Galactic Market region) and only the 18+ players should join in the raid.

8 minutes is the time window you should get rid of SD-0 as after this time, it will enter the Enrage mode and then the survival becomes almost impossible.

Healers should support the tanks (two will do good), and the DPS should try to stay spread out to avoid the collective damage of SD-0’s Proximity Laser and Ionized stream attacks.

The supportive tank should try to deal with the debuff applied by the boss on the other tank to reduce the damage.

Loot Rewards

  • Advanced Orange Resolution Crystal
  • Advanced Resolve Hilt 5
  • AI Relay Device
  • Droid-brain Implant
  • TD-03A Saboteur Armguards – Prototype

Subject Alpha

Subject Alpha can be found in Taris (Brell Sediment, the green lake). The boss is available to (level 21+) Republic players only.

You need tanks to control the beast, at least two of them. When one gets throws up into the air, the other can replace him. DPS and Healers should do their normal duties. For more help, watch the video below:

Loot Rewads

  • Webbed Ammo Belt
  • Primal Coordination D-Motivator


A level 22 heroic world boss who can be found in Balmorra. The particular foe is only available for the Empire players.

A balanced blend of melee and ranged damage dealers can be a good way to deal with this boss. Grandfather attacks anything that is in the line of sight so players (specially the melee damage dealers) should stay behind or on the sideways.

Tanks should hold up front so that others can play their roles. Melee damage dealers should stick together so that the healing effect can reach everyone between Godfather’s successive physical attacks.

You should also remember that the time window before the boss enters the enrage mode is 10 minutes so always try to wrap things up before this limit.

Loot Rewards


It’s a level 30 boss who can be found in Tatooine (sand surrounded by Jawa corpses). The boss appears by clicking the skull on sand.

You can follow the basics to bring this tank down. Go with two tanks and 4-5 healers to support them. The damage dealers (preferably ranged attacker) should try to maintain a safe distance as Trapjaw’s AoE can target the cluttered groups at random.

The stun attacks can be devastating for the healers, so they should also watch out for that.

Loot Rewards

  • Prototype Gladiator Headgear
  • Advanced Force Wielder Armoring 11
  • Force Warden’s D-Shield Generator
  • Stalker Robe (Light Armor, Rating 76, +49 End, +28 Will, +19 Power) – Prototype

Battledroid R4-GL

It’s a level 32 boss and can be found in Nar Shadaaa with. You will have to start Nar Shaddaa’s bonus quests first to access the area with the boss.

Just go with a balance formation and the tanks should watch out for its Repeater Cannon attacks. Healers should keep watch of the members hit by its Incendiary Cannon on random.

Loot Rewards

  • Agile Judgment Vest – Prototype
  • TD-04B Spec Ops Boots – Prototype
  • Advanced Resolve Armoring 12
  • Dominant Resolve D-System
  • Fidelity Field D-Power Generator

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The Ancient One

This level 38 boss can be found in Taris. You will have to click on that dead Jedi to summon it.

The creature has the ability to summon the smaller foes who should be dealt quickly by the DPS. You should also keep your eyes opened for the AoE of attacks of this boss accompanied by the small fellows. Damage dealers should be skilled as they have the major part to the player in this fight.

Loot Rewards

  • Advanced Deflecting Mod 15
  • Synaptic Might D-Device
  • Kinectic Deflector D-Shield Generator

Ulgo Siegebreaker

The Siegebreaker is a level 35 boss who can be found in Alderaan (in between Glarus Valley and Juran Mountains).

Watch the following video for detailed strategy on this boss:

Loot Rewards

  • TT-15A Powertech Bracers – Prototype
  • Supreme Combat D-Package
  • TH-15A Corpsman Legplates – Prototype
  • Advanced Might Hilt 13
  • Force Sentinel Leggings – Prototype
  • Supreme Skill D-Device
  • TH-05A Operative Boots – Prototype
  • WD-46 Parts – Prototype
  • Force Battle Handgear – Prototype
  • TH-15A Corpsman Gauntlets – Prototype
  • Advanced Guardian Armoring 13
  • [Prototype] Force Invoker Boots – Prototype
  • Advanced Might Armoring 13TT-15A Powertech Legplates – Prototype
  • Force Stoic Legwraps – Prototype
  • RD-15A Mercenary Greaves – Prototype
  • Force Champion Armguards – Prototype
  • Force Champion Boots – Prototype
  • Force Perception Handwraps – Prototype
  • Memory Reflex D-Adaptor – Prototype
  • Synaptic Response D-Implant – Prototype
  • Force Perception Handwraps – Prototype
  • Force Sentinel Leggings – Prototype
  • TD-05A Marksman Belt – Prototype
  • Advanced Force Wielder Armoring
  • TD-05A Marskman Armguards – Prototype

The Primal Destroyer

This hectic and scary boss is meant for level 50 players. You can encounter the beast in Belsavis (to the north of the tomb, on the lake).

A two tank team is recommended depending upon the efficiency of DPS as generally in this fight; more DPS can get you more benefit. If you don’t have a melee-off tank in this fight, then the adds called by the boss can create trouble.

The second tank can be used to control them. The tanks should fulfil duty to control the adds so that DPS can deal the damage without any major threat.

Loot Rewards

  • Primal Destroyer
  • Primal Grubling
  • Drooling Grubling
  • Unnatural Grubling


You will find this gigantic creature in Hoth (north to the Icefall plains and west of Highmount ridge). Level 49+ can participate in the raid to bring the beast down.

You can go with a single tank and two healers. Tank’s task of course will be to hold the icy beast while the remaining damage dealing players can do the harm.

Watch-out for the earth-shattering attacks of Gargath (look for the alerts before the attacks, they are not that hard to predict) though as the negligence can put you into a lot of trouble.

Follow the simple tank-and-spank strategy and you can bring down the beast.

Loot Rewards

  • Tech Savant’s Leggings
  • Tri-Plated Heavy Gauntlets
  • Triton Headgear
  • Schematic: Advanced Intrepidity Crystal


Snowblind is a level 44 beast who can be found in Hoth (heroic area Glacial Fissure).

First thing you need to do is clear the areas from mobs so that they cannot interfere in the boss fight ahead. Tanks should grab agro while DPS players do the damage.

Healers should remain at distance and support both the tanks and damage dealing players. When Snowblind goes into stealth mode, DPS players should try to stick together so that healers can heal the damaged players easily.

Like many other world bosses, Snowblind too will enter the enrage mode after certain time so try to get rid of the beast as early as possible.

Loot Rewards

  • TH-16A Tech Body Armor – Prototype
  • Advanced Orange Vitality Crystal
  • Advanced Skill Barrel 19

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