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New Metal Gear Solid Game Coming To PC

Metal Gear Solid 4
When we finally put down the controller and watched the credits roll in Metal Gear Solid 4, we quietly said to ourselves in our head, ‘Well, I guess that’s the end of a fine, fine series.’ We were wrong.

Konami and Kojima Productions aren’t quite ready to give up this franchise yet. But that’s old news. What is quite interesting is that for the first time since Metal Gear Solid 2 the company has brought PC into the equation.

The new Metal Gear Solid is currently in works, and it is heading to the PC as well. Spotted by Joystiq, Kojima Productions are looking for project engineers for network gameplay functionality for online games for high-end consoles and PC.

This obviously indicates a multiplayer – something we haven’t quite seen in the series. Apart from that, there isn’t much new. Expect to hear some more news regarding this in the near future.